Mixed Show

This show is one where Lee performs in an improv "jam" show with another improv group. The show is either an open freestyle or in a specific form (of which there are many). This is a great way for a new group to gain the experience of doing a longform improv show. It is also a good show for experienced groups to be able to play with and share techniques with Lee. The show is also great for audiences who then get to see the wonderful dynamics of spontaneous creation.

Your 15 Minutes of Fame

An improv night with you as the star! Lee White invites audience members who have no stage experience to join him on stage. This show is an inspiration for the spectators to try something new and be rewarded for taking risks. The result is always moving and surprising, for both the observers and those who dare to get up there. Its just magical to watch people who think they can’t do something try and succeed.
Lee guides them through improvised scenes on stage, proving his special gift for letting his partners shine in a funny, touching and alway unique show. Your 15 minutes of fame“ is very much inspired and influenced by the work of "Theatre X" and Stephen McIntyre in Winnipeg, Canada.